Cypress, Texas
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I moved into my brand new Pulte/Centex home in January 2012. 3 times since then I have had to submit a service request for random cracked tiles. The cracked tiles were in the 2nd hall bathroom and the foyer. NOW I HAVE 14 cracked tiles. THere are cracked tiles in the same bathroom, the laundry room, the foyer and the pantry. The rediculous service rep said that he authorized the replcement of 4 or 5 since they were the same as the last time but the rest are out of warranty. I was told by another service rep that this is an on going problem and it would be taken care of.

I have never been so mad about my descision to buy this house as I am right now. I have neighbors that have had similar issues with the service department.

I spent almost $200,000 on this house, shouldn't the tile fooring last longer?

OH Wait to top it off, they don't even make that tile any longer!

I am going to get an attorney. Does any one know of one?

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You have FOUNDATION ISSUES on your hands if you have tikes continuing to crack.

I realize your post is from 2013. If this alerts you, though, please contact me through my page:

I'd love to help you against this shoddy builder


sometimes the homebuilders will leave a box of replacement tile for the homeowner. however, with 14 tiles, that would have most likely deplete the replacements already.