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These photos show a crack in the foundation slab that I discovered when I took up the carpet in my house at Sun City Hilton Head, SC.

Photo 1 shows what happens when concrete foundation slabs crack and water under the slab seeps up through cracks to the wood floor above. Why do concrete foundation slabs crack? Because there's no steel reinforcement in them, and because they're poured on fill dirt that hasn't been properly compacted.

Photo 2 shows the plastic vapor barrier that is supposed to be under the concrete foundation slab, but instead, is sticking out of the top of the slab, causing the crack. Why is the plastic vapor barrier poking out through the top of the slab? shoddy construction.

Photo 3 is a close-up of the plastic vapor barrier sticking through the top of the concrete foundation slab, causing the crack.

Photo 4 is a close-up of the same crack taken from a different spot . The carpet hid this crack. A wood floor might hide it (as long as ground water doesn't come up through it); but, a ceramic tile floor won't hide it; the crack will reflect up through the tile and/or grout, and, voila, you have a crack in your ceramic tile floor.

Many, many Pulte houses at Sun City Hilton Head, SC have cracked foundation slabs, and resulting cracks in ceramic tile floors. SHODDY!

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Visual inspection by certified inspector showed white powdery substance in grout between tile on floor and water on garage floor.Need suggestions for inspection service, as previous inspector away for summer.

Pulte built stucco house in Sun City/Hilton Head.

Other problems: stucco, sod, and tree planted alongside sewer and water pipes!!beware any prospective buyer.Be prepared to spend extra thousands!


how did you resolve this? did you bring it up with pulte?

i have similar situation happening at my place and pulte sent someone to come look at the crack and the conclusion he gave was the slab is out of it's 2 years warranty.



to Chris #754495

Chris, Our Pulte house sold earlier this year after being on the market for a year and a half. Good luck with your Pulte house. Ray

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