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My home was contructed by Pulte in October, 2009 and I have several problems with the homes- the home is sinking, has more than 20 brick and sheet rock cracks and most doors are out of line. Every and all thing has broken down in the home including electrical, plumbing, roofing, water ponding around the property and cracks on the drve way.

Pulte had refused to perform meaningful repairs on this home- especially the foundation, now all windows have cracks and will not close, property is has different color mortars and generally property is delporable. Electric continues to trip. Pulte at this time has start to blame me for their construction failures. Pulte uses multiple repair facilities and no person in this company enusuresthat the job is done.

Often times, one repair facility will destroy some time in the process of fixing sometime creating a nightmare of never ending service calls. Pulte was in a mad rush to construct this property that I have beginingto wander. My ordeal with PULTE is approaching 24 months and no end in sight. I will never never recommend PULTE to any person that needs a peace of mind.

I will continue to fight until Pulte fixes their mess. Please be very careful.

Monetary Loss: $235.

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Pulte in our area has had similar problems with the home alignments. During the often frustrating times in dealing with home repairs I finally learned that there is something called construction warranties that are covered for 10 years.

Check with you city (or county if not incorporated) building permits dept. They will also send out an inspector to review all complaints. The local agency has teeth and can help you resolve issues.

Note: Each time any WARRANTY work is done such as you described requires a permit for inspection. Good Luck!