They don't know how to read a floor plan. I went over electrical work and specified all locations of electrical work to be done.

They use the floor plan to lay put electrical outlets but my unit's floor plan was a mirror image of the model home stair way, bedroom and loft were on opposite sides of the model. Thus they put the phone line in the bedroom instead of the loft. I purchased a "clock outlet" - outlet that is 1 inch deeper when you plug-in a plug it you can put the clock over the outlet - hiding the wiring, and tv plasma chase. In the model it is 18 inches above the fire-place mantle.

They did not ask me to specify the height but in the discussion it was going to be used for a plasma tv. Since, they neglected to document a height ( but in the 2 models they are both at an 18 inch height ). Guess what they installed it at a 6 inch height. Common sense it's a clock outlet, if you were going to plug something over the fireplace it's not going to be at that height.

They are not willing to admit to a mistake on their part.

Go into the unit as much as possible, oversee their work. Their field manager, does not have common sense to call and verify something with the home buyer if there is something that should raise a question.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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My wife and I are in the process of purching a Pulti home, and I must say this is the worst home buying experiance I have ever had. We were told about different up grades that we could get and we spent all day at the design center only to be told at the last minute that we could only make two changes and we could only do eight hundred dollars worth of up grades.

Two days prior we had spoke with Chad in the Tucson office and we were reassured about all the up grades from the gourment kitchen, tile etc, but only to be told later oh by the way Chad miss spoke and if you want to back out you can but we are keeping your good faith money.

How is that for take it or leave. How do you like that for customer service.


We are having a similar experience. Pulte employees a bunch of unprofessional clowns.