Culpeper, Virginia

One of our room has a pungent odor and so we had a mold inspection done. Lo and behold, there are cracks around where the slab meets the wall.

Contacted Pulte, Charles came out to look at the cracks and said that the 2 years warranty has expired, and they can't do anything. What a *** response. This is a new construction and we're at our 4th year. Who in the right of mind would pull the carpet up to see what's happening at the slab?

What is worse is that this is clearly a concealed defect.

The paint of the two concrete are different and a pad has been placed beneath the carpet to cover the unevenness. The worst part is that there is a 4" deep void between the slab and the wall. We are at a loss as to how we should proceed with this.

Pulte has really done a abysmal job and are refusing to resolve it. Disappointing.

Any help?

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***. Depending on the type of mold you get, they could've killed you! What became of this?


You have a ten year structural warranty on your home! If this is structural defect.

All Pulte Homes come with this warranty. I use to work for them. Write a letter to Mr. Pulte.

I'm sure he would love to see the terrible work they do. He prides himself on family first.

Start the letter out with my family trusted you with building our home. As a former employee I would never purchase a Pulte Home.


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the light gray material looks like epoxy used for retrofitting hold downs and I guess for filling voids in this case. If you have mold you need to look for leaks at windows etc. If you have water coming up from the slab you need to look outside for water problems, grading height and pitch etc.