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The air conditioning that they will provide will be Lennox, cheap and poor in workmanship. Mine had a blower motor go out in 3 years, of course i had to pay for labor $300 or so.

The refrigerant pipe that they install too close to the compressor (if you see your unit, there is all the space available to nicely run the pipes so they would not be hit, but you would wonder why they left all the space and stuck the pipe so close to the compressor where it would hit it!) would hit the compressor due to vibrations and had a huge hole in it leading to a complete refrigerant leak. As it was winter and the unit switched to EM HEAT, we did not notice the problem and ran an electricity bill of $ 1250.00. As the hole was so big the refrigerant leaked out and my service guy tells me there is a green slime in the system now, which will not allow this unit to be repaired at all. The only option is to get a new unit.

I started talking to Lennox consumer affairs as some one at Pulte homes notified me that they will cover this unit upto 10 years for centex or pulte customers as they purchase a large number of units from them. I have placed 4 phone calls to the consumer affairs division only to be told that they are aware of this and these are the dates when i called and that some one will be contacting my local service personnel and co ordinate the solution with them. However if they could not call my service company in 2 months, it is clear that they do not intend to do anything about it. I just gave up and wrote a check for a brand new Carrier unit for my house.

I just thought this would help other people who already own a poor crafted Lennox unit in a Pulte/Centex home and others who are considering purchasing a new home with a forced ownership of a poor Lennox Air Conditioning unit as standard equipment.

Monetary Loss: $9000.

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Not true. Pulte put in a system too small for my home.

now I have to replace it and duct work upstairs- house only 7 yrs old!.

Av coil replaced in first year. Several other service calls and bills throughout past 7 yrs.


Pure rubbish. Lenox is among the best hvac you can buy. As for you're claims, they are bogus as well

@Bs detector

CEO of Lennox