Tampa, Florida

They will not fix our back yard, it is holes everywhere as the sod was NOT laid correctly. They keep pushing around the idea that it will flourish with fertilizer and TLC..

well it has been since feb and it is now JULY we have paid for our own fertilizer company for the past 3 months now have spent thousands of dollars to water it. and NOTHING. The warranty department sent out someone a month ago and she even stated in an email that it def needed to be replaced she nearly broke her leg walking through it! Yet it took two weeks later for her to get back to us and after all that she stated we just need to fertilize it for 2 months and then go from there, excuse me??

WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN DOING THAT. I am completely fed up with how PULTE works and treats there new home owners and I AM DEMANDING some attention or I will def. start a lawsuit. with the amount of emails of them dicking us around and there faultily promises and lack of professionalism no doubt I will get what I want for my yard.

Sad that I have to take this route, but clearly they don't care. NOW maybe Ill get there attention, well maybe my lawyer will.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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