Fishers, Indiana
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I purchased my condo in June of 2013, the prior owner disclosed no issues with the heat pump. I have had nothing but problems with the heating and air; after six months of troubleshooting with three service companies, I contacted Pulte; they sent out a fourth service company and that company as well found multiple leaks in the line set, in the garage wall.

It is obvious to everyone but Pulte that the damage most likely occurred during the construction phase. Pulte is claiming the warranty expired after two years and there is nothing they can do, even though, during conversations, they stated that if the line set was continuous (it is), they could potentially assist.

Along with the leaks in the line set, there are also nails that never hit the studs. I have completed lots of research and I am continually finding that you should NEVER have to recharge your system unless there is a leak.

Monetary Loss: $4700.

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2 year warranty is plenty of time to notice a leak in the HVAC from construction. My impression is that the previous owners either didn't service it reguarly or they put a nail through it hanging something on the wall.


I Had a new Ac/heater unit installed few years back with no regard for the copper line in harm’s way .My cooper line was hit by the floor guy no fault of his spent hundreds of dollars tracking down the issue .When installing units such as these many factors must be considered one is placing the line not to close to the floor and any place where damage can come from. Going with the cheapest bid can be the most expensive choice you make. Your last comment is true with all AC units’ cars /houses unless the thing is ancient then can many issues leaking.