Houston, Texas

My AC unit has been repaired over 3 times in 6 years. Now the compressor is out.

My house is only 6 years old and Sears came out to see what is wrong with my unit and told me that the serial number on my AC unit is a 2000 model. So Pulte put a 7 year old AC unit on a brand new house. 3 days later the hot water heater in the attic wont light, I haven't had that checked yet but I am pretty sure that is probably over 10 years old as well.

Check all serial numbers on all systems before you purchase a home. I am a very dissatisfied home buyer.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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We have an almost 8 yr old Pulte home in San Antonio's Alamo Ranch. We have continuously had to spend thousands of $ on our ac.

Now we have to replace it! Many of our neighbors have had the same problem. I'm looking into the possibility of a class action suit against Pulte or York (the ac manufacturer) and am currently on a fact finding mission.

If u have had the same problem, would u please respond with ur info? Thank u so much, R


Have a Pulte home built in 2007 and we had to replace our interior air conditioner unit because it is the cheapest Lennox they offer. We also have cracks in our ceiling upstairs and the warranty department says it's cosmetic!

I work in the business and had my people come out and it's not cosmetic. Simple fix but Pulte will not fix the problem.

Our front porch has a problem with the ceiling moving up and down..my fault because we didn't repaint our home after 4 years. Poor service and workmanship!


Bought a Pulte home in San Antonio 10 months ago. Nothing but construction problems.

Primarily, the foundation has cracked, along with the foundations of six more homes on this street. Cracked foundation caused many tiles in the house to break.

Pulte solution is to replace tiles, which takes around four trips and about a month to complete. Never buy a Pulte house.


PHM doesnt control what gets installed by the subs, PHM only says "needs 20ton AC", etc. PHM has poor-arss management skills in this regard and their end product suffers.

i had AC and heater go out within 3 months of moving into a new build !! then about a year later the AC expander developed a leak and had to be replaced.

problem was, the York system installed was the last batch to be manufactured and the part was almost impossible to get. i suggest you post your issues onto the PHM message board in the Finance section of Yahoo, lots of eyes reading those posts.


I have an almost 8 yr old pulse home in San Antonio's Alamo Ranch. We have a York ac and have repeatedly had to spend thousands of $ on it!

Now, we need to completely replace it! I'm looking into a class action suit against Pulte or York.

Please let me know if u have had the same problem! Thank you, RT