We were surprised when we found our 6 year old Pulte built home at the Del Webb Falls Run Active Adult community in Fredericksburg, VA had a roof leak so bad it damaged the attic, bathroom ceiling and insulation, which cost us plenty to repair. We appealed to the Pulte service center for assistance, but they said the warranty had expired and therefore they were not responsible for their shoddy workmanship.

The roof repairman told us the leak was caused by defective shingles and poor workmanship. This was our retirement home and we never expected a home only a half dozen years old to have this problem. We wrote a letter of appeal citing the structural warranty, but again their response was the same. They said the roof leak did not fall under the warranty.

Workmanship is governed by the warranty and ours had expired! So, if you are inclined to buy a Del Webb home at Celebrate America in Fredericksburg, VA, just be aware that the product you are buying has a warranty life that will not be as long as many new car purchases.

My wife is so angry that she refers to Pulte as a snake hiding in the grass and says someday God will judge Pulte and their management team for their irresponsible work.

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