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I live in a Pulte community of 12,000 residents. The houses are stucco. Mold has developed behind the stucco, requiring removal of the stucco to the entire sides of the houses and repair to the wood. Pulte did not want to stand by their work, so a class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of several hundred residents. Pulte sent a letter to all residents that they would repair the work, but if we had joined the lawsuit they would do nothing.... Read more

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After 2yrs and a couple months our 8000.00 zero clearance sliding doors seals are givibg out. The windows alway look dirty. Im so sorry that we ever built w Pulte. They are real pieces of work to desl with. Before you buy look up the Pulte warranty. Everything is pretty much a year, even the upgraded windows. We have had so many issues w them. Please, before you buy fo your homework. Dont buy w Pulte! Read more

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Just moved into a new home at Woodbridge in Manteca, CA. Was promised grass, as were the majority of my neighbors, only to find out, "oops, forgot to tell you, you aren't getting grass". This would have been ok had the more "eco-friendly" landscaping not been just a pile of ***. Pulte is charging the same prices for the homes with nice landscaping, and installing the ugliest, cheapest landscaping in the new builds instead. What a rip-off. ... Read more

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I bought my home here in Las Vegas in 2014, my house was built in 2006. Please tell me what knucklehead puts the secondary drain for the air conditioning above the patio. I have undesirable rust stains on my patio door and stucco and patio.Not quality like a brand-new home on the East Coast. also my upstairs GFI's are located in my garage and my downstairs bathroom and kitchen. How cheap can somebody really be? Hope you guys are happy... Read more

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common for a "nail-pop" to occur due to normal settlement of the home. The "pop" is referred to the screw or nail head popping up the gypsum coating that covers the fasteners head

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I have tried over and over to contact putle for outlets that do not work and others that blow fuses every time a vacuum is plugged in. There are quite a few other issues that need to be address and we have been put on ignore. I am very unhappy will the building experience with having our home built by pulte. I hear nothing but compaints from all my neighbors about there poor customer service and am about to seek legal action Read more

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I live in an area where Pulte is developing a neighborhood. The amount of dirt and dust the trucks create is very bad. Every day my 2016 vehicle is coated with dirt. Costing me time, money, and energy to keep it clean. I wrote to customer service and their response was it happens and we will clean the streets more. They could care less. Like I'm supposed to absorb their costly incontinence and lack of concern for residents in the neighborhood... Read more

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I recently purchased a new Townhome in Brookhaven Crossing. During the Sales Process and just prior to closing, a commitment was made to complete a punch list of repairs and to follow up at 30 days (in writing) to make any additional corrections to the home. To date, although the appropriate steps have been taken to submit service requests, no one from Pulte has agreed to meet to review my extensive list of needed repairs and... Read more

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They use Lennox (low end of the line). ^ yr. old home and the coil has rusted away. The coil carries a 5 yr. warranty. Which they never said, most carry 10yr. warranty. System is junk and you pay top $$$for their homes. Very disappointing with there brand name low end items. For what a 55+ home goes for you can build a custom home and do much better. This review is about their HVAC, but their HOA and board that runs the community are not worth... Read more

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Pulte is horrible. Wish I would of never built a home with them. It's one thing after another. My biggest issue is them installing either defective flooring MD301 Riverside Walnut Laminate Flooring, manufactured by Mannington or installation error. The floors are splitting, cracking and peeling and this problem started occuring only a few months into us living in our brand new construction home. They will not replace the floors as they feel as... Read more

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