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My wife and I purchased a home within Carolina Arbors - a Dell Webb Community in Durham, NC. Sadly, our expectation of the retirement community has never been met. 1. Our $270,000 cookie cutter house was built for the most part by illegals working for subcontractors in Durham, NC. 2. Pulte experienced multiple delays in the building of the Activity Center. It was completed 8 months following the estimated date of completion. 3. The main fountain at the front entrance is only half working. Pulte managed to negotiate a contract for the... Read more

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I contacted the company regarding the builder warranty on my Pulte home, as my second story floor is slanting in multiple directions; and over the span of the room, the floors are 1 to even 2 inches out of level. This is completely unacceptable in a home that is only a few years old, and to me is an indication of major structural issues (or just extremely bad craftsmanship). The company is pushing back and refusing to acknowledge the issues -- to me the company does not care about its construction or end products, and apparently their... Read more

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Im in the process now with pulte home mortgage connected with centex here in Texas. Everything was going great until we actually went to the house and somethings was as described when we walked through the model homes. We were told there was wood floors in livingroom which was carpet on site. Window upstairs with reading station not there. And to top it off the closing date keeps getting pushed back because pulte fail to ask for the correct documents as if this is their first time soing this process. Every week we received calls giving... Read more

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My husband and myself are currently having a home built by Pulte in the community of Anthem in Florence AZ. The builders are great, but be careful when you get to the design center. The "design consultant" we had put the wrong carpet in our house. We tried to fight it, but they could care less. The carpet was supposed to be taupe she ordered beige, and takes no responsabilty for her error. They could care less if your stuff is wrong and do nothing to fix it. If they assign you a designer named Gina, demand someone else. She makes mistakes and... Read more

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PULTE IS BAD NEWS!!!! We moved into a newly built speck home in Charlotte. Almost a year later still living under repairs and unfinished areas. My stairs were built by a drunk person, my irrigation leaked at every joint, my walls showed every joint muddled, chipping granite, trim that wouldn't reach the floor, bathroom doors with no locks, ....and on and on. Management is nothing but bully. The crew they hire are inexperienced unprofessional low paid workers. They ruined my newly painted house and will now cost even more to correct than... Read more

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So, the customer loved that their dream floorplan was in a spec and they could close before year end, with, a discounted price. Great, right? Now the issues. Upon the walk through, it was evident that the construction was a rush job. (I can just imagine the pressure being put on the subs). Large patio sliding glass door not hung properly, wouldn't even lock, texture and painting was baaaaad! Hols to be patched, upgraded french doors were busted and painted over, roofing tiles painted over, exterior paint job was sloppy and inconsistent.... Read more

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I bought a townhome in Windermere Florida only to find out that the stucco was not applied correctly, is cracking and the beams are rotting away and we have black mold in the walls due to water getting into the cracked stucco. Our second floor is in danger of falling as the joists they used were not up to code, made of pressed board instead of wood. Our HOA has retained a lawyer to get these things fixed. PULTE will not admit they did anything wrong. We've been fighting them for a year and they have done nothing. Do not buy a PULTE home, they... Read more

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Been in the house 6 months, and there sre oroblems in tje WHOLE developme. House less than 5 yrs old needing new roofs, streets that must be demolished and redone from scratch, and new homes built by people who do not know the building codes or english. Pulte uses a product line mentality coupled with a lowest bidder viewpoint that always ends in problems for the buyer. Rotsa Ruck with Pulte ! Add comment

Centex homes bought over by pulte homes.. The new "big boss" is the worse kind of person. I really hope this company dies off soon . goes into debt, looses everything. Especially the "big boss" that has lately fire a lot of "old" timers that have worked for centex/pulte for over 25+ years of their lives. And then he can just take EVERYTHING from them that was their whole life. That's all they knew. Big boss your acold hearted person. I hope this happens to you when. Your older. You young ***. Read more

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After problems with pipe bursting and the need to pay for new sheet rock and a new pipe I then discovered another problem with washing machine the same plumber told me that I needed a hot water pipe and after installation he went to connect and found nothing to connect to and was told that it would cost around 2,000 to find such connection. I have a warranty till April this year 2016 and Pulte said it would not issue a warranty for me to get paid. It is frustrating and know that Pulte is not only a builder who is sloppy and does not use good... Read more

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