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I refused to sign closing papers unless Pulte agreed to provide a place outside the garage for the trash cans. They will not approve of any concept and I am fined by the home owners association. Pulte agreed to provide material for a gate and fence so that the trash cans would not be placed in the garage. They provided some of the material but will not approve of any plans nor provide a plan for placement of a gate and fence. The association... Read more

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The community that we live in is a great community. Love the people, love the amenities. It is too bad that the only way to live here is to buy a Pulte home! The customer service is terrible, the workmanship is shoddy and they do not stand behind their work. They will try to do the absolute minimum necessary to "fix" your problems and they will argue with you about whether or not there is even a problem. It all started when our homes field... Read more

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I rarely write any review, but I felt like writing this one. I'm not affiliated with Pulte or Centex in anyway form or shape. Though they are many truths to the reviews I read here, my experie was different. From the sales guy, Mario to the Mgt team (Rosanne & Radiah), the construction site manager, Roland to the title company, I was provided with an outstanding level of services. Now, I'm not saying that everything was perfect, in fact, I did a... Read more

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Because of Pulte I have had one of the worst experiences in my life. I even ended up in the hospital from stress. I made the mistake of selling a home I'd been in for 16 years (that was partly to blame on an unscrupulous realtor that I had before Pulte and my own stupidity from fear and worry about retirement) but then was led to Del Webb/Ponte Vedra by this unscrupulous realtor -Pulte gives these big bonuses to realtors leading people like me... Read more

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I have similar issue with Pulte. I spent more than half a million dollars to purchase Pulte home and now I regret the decision. I have similar problem where CleanOut pipe was not installed in to the ground in my front yard and it was just standing tall in my front yard! Looks like they planned to install pipe below the ground which connects to sewer line which is 8 feet, but they never installed pipe! After 11 months I had huge issues with this... Read more

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Pulte will wow you with their models and suck you into a purchase. They are extremely proud of their designs. Designs are nice, but there is a whole lot more to building and selling a great home. They FAIL in my opinion. Pulte is not transparent at all. Delay, delay, DELAY, DELAY!!! That's our story. Our sales rep has been selling homes for Pulte with with FULLY KNOWING that they still do not have permits to support the build! They were pushing... Read more

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I am experienced in home buying and building as I have bought several a year for the last 5 years. I went to buy a spec home at corkscrew shores and this has been nothing but a nightmare. They are full of lies. They promise you everything you want to hear to get you to sign contracts and get your hand money. I want to back out after tons of lies and them not doing what promised and they will not give me my 10,000 back. This customer... Read more

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Never installed an exterior wall correctly. The concrete brick ledge has crumbled and the brick ties were never installed, AT ALL. Wall is falling down and they will not address. Home is just barely out of warranty

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My Pulte home in Phoenix has been plauged with sewer line problems for ten years. Frequent power jetting of the lines provided temporary relief, but the band-aid tore off the other day when every drain in the house was blocked and spitting up sewage. After running a camera through the lines from multiple angles, my plumber has determined that the 44 foot pipe run should have at least a 12 inch drop from one end to the other per City code, but... Read more

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Pulte has beyond a doubt the worst build quality and after sale support of any builder. They are terrible... Think twice before you buy a Pulte home. We would never buy another home from them... Getting support is always a problem and they always say it is not their responsibility and or "oh that is not covered under the warranty" They have had to redo a number of foundations on homes in this area because they were not done correct to begin... Read more

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